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Sustainable mobility doesn’t have to be complicated. By simply introducing carpooling in companies, towns and communities, or at events, you can make a major contribution to environmental protection – without losing mobility in the process. Our customers share their experiences with the twogo carpooling service and let you share in their success story.

Sustainable mobility at the Schwarz Group – a success story

The Schwarz Group, to which Lidl and Kaufland belong, is a leading international retail company with around 12,900 branches and 500,000 employees. In the Heilbronn region alone, there are several thousand employees who commute to their work place every day - mostly by car.

In order to develop alternatives to private transport and to make an active contribution to the mobility transition, the Schwarz Group is pushing digital concepts. With the twogo carpooling solution, the company has decided to take a big step towards sustainable mobility.

“Sustainability is a process and a decisive factor in our corporate development. With the introduction of the twogo carpooling service, we want to fulfill our corporate responsibility for more climate protection. This includes addressing the sustainable lifestyles of our employees with resource-conserving and modern mobility options." (Schwarz Group)

Corporate mobility management that moves with the times

The Schwarz Group launched a corporate mobility management concept back in 2017. The aim was to relieve the administrative locations and surrounding infrastructure by reducing individual traffic and to optimize parking areas for employees. With the introduction of the twogo carpooling service and other alternative mobility offerings in the Heilbronn region, the Schwarz Group has already been able to achieve a major milestone in terms of sustainability after only a short time.

Introduction of twogo – with the appropriate communication measures

Implementing sustainable mobility involves not only offering alternative mobility concepts, but also informing employees about the possibilities, opportunities and benefits of carpooling. For the successful launch of the twogo carpooling service, the Schwarz Group has thus taken a variety of communication measures, e.g.:

  • Regular articles about the twogo carpooling service on the intranet
  • Appearances and advertising of the twogo carpooling service through information booths at the site
  • Distribution actions of twogo information flyers & giveaways at highly frequented locations (e.g. cafeteria)
  • Annual competitions and raffles (e.g. e-bikes)
  • Reservation of the best parking spaces at all locations for users of the twogo carpooling service

Figures, data, successes

The various communication measures for the launch of the twogo carpooling service have had their desired effect: over 550 registered users, more than 700 carpools and a lot of CO2 saved. Through twogo, the Schwarz Group has been able to make a decisive contribution to greater climate protection, reduce the morning rush of traffic, improve the parking situation for its employees and sustainably reduce the company’s ecological footprint – a win-win situation for the environment, employees and the company.

“As a company, we’re proud to be able to see clear successes so soon after the introduction of the twogo carpooling service. This is due in no small part to our employees, who are willing to embrace new mobility concepts and help make the Schwarz Group more sustainable and fit for the future.” (Schwarz Group)

Individual marketing portfolio

Creative marketing measures are essential for the successful introduction of your twogo carpooling center. We provide you with extensive marketing material-whether on paper or in the form of unusual give-away articles.

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