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The carpooling service for cities and communities.


On the road together with twogo

Together we can reach our goals faster. This also applies to climate targets! By using twogo, you’re making a stand against motorized, polluting individual transport and contributing actively to environmental protection. Our goal is to expand and better network the mobility services in cities and communities so that you can travel inexpensively, at any time and together - especially when public transport services aren’t sufficient.

Less traffic and congestion

Individual traffic in cities can be burdensome, bringing congestion, noise and high CO2 emissions. By using ride-sharing services, you'll reduce traffic in your community - without losing mobility.

Better connectivity and relief for commercial areas

Commuting together relieves the high volume of traffic in commercial areas. Citizens without cars also benefit from carpooling: As an optimal complement to public transport, carpooling brings your ride right to your doorstep.

More sustainability

Cities and municipalities can make a contribution to greater sustainability with just a few resources. Be a pioneer and start an initiative for sustainable mobility in your city or community with the twogo carpooling service.

Higher quality of life

Carpooling makes for less congestion and cleaner air. By commuting together, you also strengthen regional networking - this increases the quality of life and the sense of community in your city or community.

Smart additional features for your city or community

Practical extras for your citizens

The twogo carpooling service doesn’t just offer citizens of your city or community the opportunity to carpool. You can also reserve prioritized parking spaces and public buses via twogo - and compare your individual CO2 savings with others.

Integration of public transport timetables

With twogo, your mobility knows no limits. We combine individual carpooling with public transport. Find the perfect carpool or alternative routes by bus or train - all on one platform.

Motivating points system for commuters

Whether you’re driving or riding along as a passenger: You collect points with every ride request you make. Whoever has collected the most points will receive a bonus. This creates the necessary incentive for more sustainable mobility in your city or community.

Individualized design

The twogo carpooling service can be as customized as your city or community is. For example, we implement landmarks and coats of arms of your municipality for you. This creates incentives among citizens and strengthens the sense of unity.

Sustainability reporting

Anyone who uses the twogo carpooling service sets an example of more environmental protection and sustainability in cities and communities. Be a role model for other communities and demonstrate your successes with sustainability reporting.

Your own marketing concept

Through individual branding and marketing campaigns, we help you implement twogo - and thus sustainable mobility - in your city or community. This also includes our advice on combining different mobility offerings as well as full-scale campaign and workshop management.

Support with the implementation in your city or community

When you choose twogo, you automatically receive the full service. We supervise the process from implementation and onboarding in your community to the first carpooling opportunity. We also provide you with advice on customizing your individual twogo account and more.

All info at a glance

Would you like to learn more about twogo? We have clearly summarized the most important information about the twogo carpooling service for you.

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