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New feature: Rating feature!

Our carpooling app trumps with yet another new feature.

From now on, users will have the opportunity to rate each other anonymously after a shared journey.

In this way, users can now better assess in a match who they will be riding with.

With this helpful function, we want to create more trust, transparency and especially security!

To use the rating feature, simply update your existing twogo app as usual or download twogo from the app store.

We will show you how it works!

  • Call up past rides via the clock icon on the ride screen and display pending ratings
  • Providing a rating:You can choose between three different answer options (“Everything was great!” / “It was okay!” / “Not so great”)
  • With optional criteria, such as punctuality, driving style or cleanliness, you can further qualify your rating – and that's it!

All ratings are completely anonymous and will appear later in a users profile as soon as a total of seven ratings have been submitted.

We also explain the above-mentioned contents and functions of the rating feature in our short training video on the twogo Youtube channel.

Have fun rating each other!

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