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New feature: Digital payment!

Once again, we’re proud to introduce an innovative feature in the twogo app.

From now on, passengers can conveniently and digitally pay the proposed cost shares of a shared ride to the driver via PayPal. The entire payment process takes just seconds – it’s fast, secure and digital!

In order to use the payment function, update your existing twogo app as usual or download twogo from your respective app store.

We'll show you how it works!

  • From your personal profile you can directly access the settings. Under the new item "Account" you will also now find the section "Customize payment data".
  • Here you can easily store your desired PayPal address so that passengers can conveniently send you money.
  • As soon as a shared ride starts and you’ve entered a PayPal address as a driver, passengers can click on the button "Pay via PayPal" via the ride detail view, which will automatically initiate the PayPal payment process!

Have fun riding along and paying digitally!

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Yours sincerely, Philipp Turco

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