Stay flexible, drive together

TwoGo is the smart and flexible carpooling service for your commute.
Just enter your ride - our intelligent technology finds the perfect match. Save time, share costs and act sustainably with your daily ridesharing service.

Let us know where you want to go

Just a few clicks, and you are ready TwoGo: Drivers and passengers each enter their preferred starting point, destination and time of arrival. TwoGo saves all your settings to make your next ride even easier.

TwoGo finds the perfect match

This is where our smart system comes in: By analysing rides from all users, TwoGo identifies the best carpool fit for you and even factors in real-time traffic data to calculate precise routes and arrival times.

We keep you up to date

The moment your ride match is confirmed, we let you know via text, email or app. Your detailed itinerary not only features information on the ride's pick-up time and place, but also alerts you to any last-minute updates or changes.

You're ready TwoGo!

Just sit back and enjoy the shared ride. By the way, if something throws your travel plans off track, TwoGo takes care of all coordination with your ride participants and suggests alternatives straight away.

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