The smart carpooling solution for companies, communities and events
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TwoGo - The carpool service for companies, communities, and events

TwoGo is a mobile, cloud-based solution for companies, communities and events which supports the organization of carpools of employees, residents and event participants. The platform was specially developed to meet the needs of commuters and for business trips. Using TwoGo blends in seamlessly in the corporate and social daily work routine. It finds carpools automatically, efficiently, and precisely.

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And this is how it works



Set up an account

You can download the TwoGo App for free or access the website at After registration, confirm your email address via an email that is sent to your in-box. Then you can get started!

Set a ride request

Now create your ride request on TwoGo as a driver, passenger, or both. Enter your starting point and destination as well as departure time and arrival time. Afterwards, TwoGo will get started with the search!




A carpool is found

TwoGo independently compares similar routes and times right away. If TwoGo finds a suitable carpool, the system brings the driver and passengers together fully automatically. Practical!

Accept the carpooling offer

Drivers and passengers will be informed automatically of the “match” by text message, email, or App up to five minutes before the desired start time. Get in – hit the road – save costs!


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Why should you choose TwoGo as a carpooling solution?

If you have any questions, the TwoGo support service is available by phone free of charge around the clock. We can also be reached by email.
Tel: 00800 89646767

TwoGo can be used as a local rideshare service as well as globally since the system is available in 12 different languages for different time zones and distance units. Global points of interest are saved in the system and can be directly used by you. This makes it easier to search for a train station or airport.

TwoGo searches for suitable rides actively and automatically while fully taking individual preferences into account (desired departure and arrival time, individual route, maximum time for detours, etc.). An ad hoc ride is possible because TwoGo automatically finds the people involved using an intelligent algorithm, so it is not necessary to look through endless lists.

Carpooling solutions are highly innovative. As the operator of the TwoGo platform, Schwarz Mobility Solutions continues to develop its solution further with experts. With us, you can rely on having a strong partner that can implement the requirements of your business and your employees.

TwoGo is a trustworthy partner which ensures the highest level of security when handling data. TwoGo is operated in a ISO 27001 and TÜV Level 3 certified computer center in Germany. It has been saving data from businesses according to the German federal data protection directives for decades. With us, you know you have an authentic partner that understands the topic and has been using the solution at locations around the world for many years.

Our individual and tailor-made solutions for

Use TwoGo as a rideshare app and carpooling website

TwoGo is integrated across different platforms and can be used on any device. Use TwoGo from any computer by going to Moreover, you can use all of TwoGo’s functions comfortably via the carpool app while on the go with your own smartphone; the system supports native and free applications for iOS and android. Upon request, TwoGo can also send a text message for every ride confirmation. This way, even people who are using older cell phones can still be informed about their TwoGo rides.

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