Quick Guide - Locations

A location is normally defined by a full address and the short name assigned to it. However, if the system does not recognize your address correctly, you can still save it together with a map reference. In TwoGo, you can use locations to avoid having to type in complete addresses each time you create a ride intent.

HOME location

When you register with TwoGo, the address you designated as your home address is automatically converted into a location with the short name HOME. This makes it quick and easy for you to use this address in your ride intents.
NOTE: You cannot delete or rename the HOME location, but you can modify the address it refers to.

WORK location

If you regularly travel to a particular address, set this up as a location and give it the special short name WORK. This name designates it in the TwoGo system as part of your regular commute and enables you to reuse it to quickly create rides for your commute between your HOME and WORK locations.

Benefits of creating a location with the short name WORK:

  • Receive targeted shared ride proposals for your commute: If you subscribe to the TwoGo shared ride proposals service, the suggestions will only include potential rides between your HOME and WORK locations.
  • Reuse customized routes for your commute in your calendar: If, in the web application, you set up a customized route between your HOME and WORK locations or between any of your favorite locations (for example, GYM to CINEMA), TwoGo will also automatically use this route when you create a ride intent in your calendar between those same locations.

Using locations when creating ride intents via your calendar

To create a ride intent using your calendar, you must first identify or create the locations for your start and destination addresses in the TwoGo web application. In the calendar, you will always refer to the location short names.

Location types

Locations are listed on the Saved Locations screen, and classified as either:

  • Favorite: Locations that you define yourself
  • Pre-defined: Locations set by TwoGo and made globally available


Creating locations

  1. Select Saved Locations.
  2. On the Create a favorite location card, enter as much of the address as possible (city, zip code, street name and number).
  3. From the suggestion list, select the address that you require or if none is applicable, press Enter to use the address you typed in the Address field. TwoGo drops a pin on the map to broadly indicate the address you entered.
  4. Drag the pin to the exact location if required. TwoGo updates the Address field as you move the pin.
  5. If the system does not recognize your address correctly you can set it manually:
    • Hover your mouse over the pin and click Yes in the Is our map data wrong? callout.
    • In the Address field enter the exact address you require.
    • Click to relink the address you have just entered to the pin positioned on the map.
    • Select the address you entered from the updated suggestion list. TwoGo sets the pin at the closest navigable street to the one you indicated.
  6. In the Short name field enter a meaningful abbreviated name for the address you entered.
  7. (optional) In the Meeting point field enter a short helpful description to specify the exact place to meet your ride partners at this location. For example, "Meet beside the post box at the security gate"
  8. Click Create. TwoGo adds your new location as a new card. Use the scroll buttons to navigate through your saved locations.

Modifying locations

You can only edit the locations that you created yourself. These are listed as favorite locations.

  1. Select Saved Locations, use the navigation buttons to scroll to the location that you want to change, then click user.quickguide.edit.png.
  2. Make the changes you require to the address, meeting point, and short name, then click Save. All changes you make to your favorite locations will be applied to ride intents you create from that moment on. They are not applied retroactively.

Searching locations

You can search for a particular location or an arbitrary address to use in your ride intents:

  1. From your Dashboard, select the I want to create a ride card.
  2. In the From and to fields, enter the first few letters of the location or address that you want to use in your ride intent, then select the exact location from the list of suggestions. TwoGo pinpoints the address on the map.

Deleting locations

NOTE: You cannot delete pre-defined locations or the locations designated as HOME or WORK.

  • Select Saved Locations, use the navigation buttons to scroll to the location that you want to delete, then click user.quickguide.trashcan.png.