Getting Started With TwoGo

Now that you've signed up with TwoGo, getting started is quick and easy. Just set up your ride options, create your ride intents, then let TwoGo find you shared rides.

Set up your ride options

To make creating your ride intent simpler and to increase the likelihood that any match TwoGo finds you truly meets your requirements, we recommend you set your commuting preferences beforehand. You will also save time creating ride intents if you pick out or create the locations you use as the start and end points of your regular journeys.

Set your commuting preferences

Under your name at the top of the screen you can use the Ride preferences and Blocked people cards to set preferences for all the ride intents you create:

  • Ride preferences: Set whether you want to be matched as a passenger or driver, your driving-related preferences, and which groups of TwoGo users you want to be matched with.
- Roles: The Either role gives you the flexibility to be matched as a passenger or driver. If you select the role Driver or Either, you can then set detour and matching preferences to make your ride as convenient as possible.
- Maximum detour: As a driver, to avoid long detours to pick up or drop off passenger, you have the option to set how many minutes detour you can tolerate. The minimum allowed is 3 minutes, the maximum is 99 and the default is 8. If TwoGo comes up with several shared ride options, you will of course be offered the option with the smallest detour.
- Matching preferences: You can decide the balance you prefer between having the widest set of possible matches and restricting the number, length and location of stops you are prepared to make for passengers on your route.
  • Blocked people: Set which individuals you want to avoid traveling with.

Set up your favorite locations

On the Saved Locations screen you can pick or create locations for the start and end points of your journeys, so you avoid having to type in complete addresses each time you create a ride intent.

Create and manage your ride intents

To participate in a shared ride you first create a ride intent to specify the time, locations, route and commuting preferences for your journey. Alternatively, you can also search for and join existing rides (where available). You can manage your ride intents in the web application, mobile apps or via your calendar application.

Access your rides from the Dashboard

The Dashboard displays your upcoming rides and provides quick access to create a ride intent.

Search for and join existing rides

To join an existing ride, use the Search feature to specify the location and time of the ride you want to join.

Find alternatives for unmatched rides

If TwoGo cannot find an exact match for the ride you requested, it gives you the opportunity to select a close alternative proposal (where available) if you are willing to accept minor modifications to your original ride intent. You can also view public transport and company shuttle alternatives where applicable.

Use the rides timetable to see upcoming rides at a glance

TwoGo provides an interactive rides timetable showing lists of upcoming shared rides departing and arriving within a given radius of your site. You can click any ride to open TwoGo and create a ride intent. TwoGo will try to match you with the most relevant available ride, but depending on availability and your specific criteria this ride may not be the one you clicked on from the timetable.

Follow other users and post rides to your community

Following someone means you get to see the rides they have posted to their followers. You receive a notification and have the option to join him or her. Posted rides appear directly on your Dashboard (and also by email if you set this option in Notifications), enabling you to join a ride you’re interested in by simply clicking the join option for that ride. You can manage who you follow via the Following list on the Follower tab. NOTE: Following someone is not reciprocal. You cannot post to people you follow without them following you back.

For more info, see How do I know who is following me?

Manage your account

You can modify the following settings in your account at any time from Settings or under your name at the top of the screen:

  • Modify your registration information (NOTE: To change your email address or organization (where applicable), please contact
  • Upload or change your profile image
  • Change the language and display format to use in your ride intents
  • Switch TwoGo SMS and email notifications on or off

Earn points as you ride

TwoGo includes a point system of virtual rewards that you earn each time you use the application either as a driver or passenger. Points are automatically awarded for creating ride intents and participating in shared rides. The more you interact with TwoGo, the more points you earn.

Help reduce CO2 emissions

TwoGo calculates the amount of CO2 you have helped to save by sharing rides. This information is displayed in your profile, along with your points and total miles or kilometers, depending on your user settings. This provides a real insight into how much you are helping the environment by using TwoGo.

Stay safe and secure

Follow our security guidelines for your online and physical safety when using TwoGo.

Additional Resources

In addition to this documentation, we have created a series of video tutorials about how to use the TwoGo Administration tool.


Our 24/7 support service is here to help. You can send an email to or call our help desk