When do I get matched?

TwoGo will match you immediately if a matching ride intent already exists in the system. Otherwise, as soon as another user submits a suitable ride intent, TwoGo will match you and send you a notification. The latest that TwoGo will match you is 5 minutes prior to your requested ride time. You can also consult the status of your ride intent at any time:

  1. Web : From the Dashboard.
  2. Mobile: On the My Rides screen.
  3. Calendar: TwoGo sends a meeting request with the details of your matched ride.
  4. SMS: If you provide a cell phone number and opt in to TwoGo SMS notifications, TwoGo sends you the details in a text message.

How do I confirm a proposed ride?

When TwoGo notifies you of a matched ride, the ride is already set up. So you don't need to confirm anything. However, if you cannot accept the ride please change or cancel your ride intent.

How do I reject an inconvenient shared ride?

TwoGo will always seek to match you to ride intents based on the preferences you set. If however, as a driver a particular shared ride does not suit you, you can update your preferences for that specific ride intent and then resubmit it. Alternatively update your default preferences, delete your ride intent and then create a new one so that TwoGo can search for a match based on your updated preferences.

How do I receive reminders about upcoming shared rides?

  1. Web: On the Dashboard, TwoGo refreshes the details of the upcoming ride on the ride card itself.
  2. Mobile: TwoGo displays a notification next to the TwoGo app icon (iOS) or in the notification center (Android). Additionally TwoGo sends a message to your TwoGo inbox.
  3. Calendar: You can use the standard reminder function in the calendar. TwoGo sends all invitations for arranged shared rides with a 15-minute default setting for the reminder function. However, you can change this setting yourself at any time in your calendar by double-clicking the relevant appointment and making the required change.

How do I find out about changes to a matched ride?

  1. Calendar: A meeting-request update keeps you informed of any changes.
  2. SMS notifications: Additionally, if you opt in to TwoGo SMS notifications, TwoGo sends you the details in a text message.
  3. Mobile: You can select Settings > App to set up push notifications.

For this process to run smoothly however, it is crucial that every user always notifies TwoGo as soon as possible about any changes to their plans by modifying their ride intent:

  1. Web: From the Dashboard, select the ride intent, then click the edit icon. Modify the relevant details, then click Update.
  2. Mobile: On the My Rides screen, select the relevant ride, tap the edit icon and make the modifications you require.
  3. Calendar: Update the meeting request in the calendar and send an update to TwoGo.

How do I inform others that I'm late?

In the case of major delays or delays where you have lots of notice, modify your ride intent. TwoGo will then notify the other people for you:

  1. Web: From the Dashboard, select the ride intent, then click the edit icon. Modify the relevant details, then click Update.
  2. Mobile: Each matched ride listed on your My Rides screen includes contact information for each of the participants in that ride. You can send a predefined SMS (for example, I'll be 5 minutes late) or one with your own message.
  3. Calendar: Change your meeting request in the calendar and send an update to TwoGo.

In the case of minor changes or changes made at short notice, call the driver/passenger and notify them yourself or call the TwoGo Help Desk.

How do I change or cancel a matched ride and what happens to my passengers?

To minimize inconvenience to your ride participants, if you must change or cancel a TwoGo shared ride, please do so as early as possible. If this happens at very short notice and a shared ride has already been arranged with other participants, also notify the driver/passenger directly by phone using their contact information provided in the confirmed details for your shared ride.

  1. Web and mobile: From the Dashboard (or My Rides screen in the mobile app), select the relevant ride and click the edit or delete icon as appropriate.
  2. Calendar: To change the shared ride details, update the meeting request in your calendar and send the update to TwoGo. To delete the shared ride, delete the meeting request and send a cancelation to TwoGo.

If you change or cancel in the morning, then the passenger may still be able to arrange alternative transportation. If this happens in the evening, try to only postpone your shared ride if possible, rather than canceling it completely. Your passengers may still be willing to travel with you at a later time.

How do I contact a passenger or driver prior to or after the shared ride?

The contact details for each shared ride are stored in the relevant ride card (Web and mobile) and in your calendar entry. The details remain there even when the shared ride is over. If you need help, call the TwoGo Help Desk.

Why is my departure or drop off location not at the address I initially requested?

Normally, you will be picked up and dropped off at exactly the address you indicated. In practice, however, it may be quicker for you to cover short distances on foot rather than by car in the following instances:

  1. If your departure address is within 300 meters of the driver's departure address, you will be asked in the TwoGo shared ride confirmation to make your way to the driver's departure address. The same applies to your destination address and the driver's destination address.
  2. If your departure address is within 300 meters of another passenger's departure address, you will be asked to meet at another departure address. In this case, TwoGo selects a meeting point for both passengers so that the driver does not have to stop twice within a very short space of time.

Your TwoGo shared ride confirmation always includes your actual departure and destination address so that you know beforehand what to expect. If the walk is unacceptable, notify the driver before the ride to point this out.

How do I work out my fair share of the ride cost?

NOTE: Only applicable if the ride is not a business trip and TwoGo has activated the billing feature in either your account or that of the driver with whom you are matched. When TwoGo informs you of your matched ride it also includes an estimate of your fair share of the ride cost. You can see this estimate on the ride details screen and also in the ride confirmation meeting requests that TwoGo sends out.

The fair value considers average cars and mileages as well as average gas prices. The value is intended to cover and evenly share operational costs of your vehicle. NOTE: As TwoGo is not intended for drivers to earn money from ride sharing, the cost per kilometer is purposely configured relatively low and consequently the total costs for all passengers will never be more than what the ride would have actually cost the driver alone.

The estimate is country-specific, but in general the formula is based on:

  1. A fixed cost per kilometer
  2. The number of participants in your ride (more passengers means less for each to pay)
  3. A minimum amount per ride

Please note, the estimate is only a rough indication of the real value of the ride. It is up to each passenger whether they want to contribute the amount displayed, suggest a different amount, or pay nothing at all.