How do I register with TwoGo?

Register with TwoGo at Click Sign up for free, enter your contact information, then follow the instructions in the verification email that TwoGo sends you.

Who can register?

Anyone can register as a private person. If your employer has licensed the TwoGo service you can choose whether to register as a private person or as an employee. If your organization would like more information about TwoGo, click Get TwoGo for your organization on

How do I request a shared ride on TwoGo?

First you need to register with TwoGo and verify your email address. You can then either create a ride intent or search for and join an existing ride:

  1. Web: From the Dashboard, use the Create ride card to set when and how often you want to share the ride, the location details, and any specific route you want to take for the ride. Click Save. The ride intent is now added as a new card on the Dashboard.
  2. Mobile: Use the My Rides screen to set the date, time and location details for the ride. Tap Create.
  3. Calendar: Create your ride intent as a meeting request in your calendar and send it to

The Quick Guide - Ride Intents provides further information about creating a ride intent.

Why do I have to provide my home address?

When you register with TwoGo, you designate an address as your preferred pick-up point. You can avoid disclosing your actual home address by selecting a safe public place nearby instead. TwoGo automatically converts this into a location with the short name HOME. This makes it quick and easy for you to use this address in your ride intents and also receive ride proposals from TwoGo for possible matches in your neighborhood.

Can I register without a phone number?

You can register without a phone number, however when you create your first ride intent you must provide a phone number so that your ride participants can contact you and you also don't miss out on up-to date information about your rides, via SMS notifications.

Why do I have to provide a Personal ID during verification?

NOTE: This only applies for organizations that request an ID to recognize their employees.

In certain cases, an organization allows its employees to register for its TwoGo service with their personal email address together with a special invitation token, instead of a corporate email address. For the private email option, some organizations may explicitly request an ID to recognize employees during registration. In this case, you need to enter a recognized reference to identify you as belonging to that organization. If you are an employee, this reference is your employee ID.