Followers and following

What does it mean to follow someone in TwoGo?

Following someone means you get to see the rides they have posted to their followers. You receive a notification and have the option to join him or her. Posted rides appear directly on your Dashboard (and also by email if you set this option in Notifications), enabling you to join a ride you’re interested in by simply clicking the join option for that ride. You can manage who you follow via the Following list on the Follower tab.

NOTE: Following someone is not reciprocal. You cannot post to people you follow without them following you back. For more info, see How do I know who is following me?

How do I know who is following me?

Users who are following you appear in your Followers list:

  • People you’ve ridden with in the last six weeks or with whom you're currently matched get the option to follow you. if they add you to their Followinglist they immediately become your followers.
  • Additionally, people you have invited to follow you via the + icon on the Followers list
  • People you previously invited to follow, but have since blocked still appear on your Followers list. However, they are marked as Blocked and do not see the rides you post

How do I stop someone from following me?

If you have previously had someone as your follower but no longer want them following you, you can only block them - you cannot remove them, or prevent them from being your follower. Thus they will think they are following you but when you post rides to your followers, people you have blocked will not see your posted rides.

How do I follow people?

You can easily follow people by selecting them from the Following list. TwoGo compiles this list from the set of people you have ridden with in the past 6 weeks or are currently matched with, plus people who are already following you. Anyone you have actively blocked is omitted. To follow someone suggested on this list, simply select +, then Done.

Why don't I see someone I rode with in my list of suggested people to follow?

If you have already blocked a user in your profile, TwoGo automatically excludes them from your Following list. Additionally, if you rode with them more than six weeks ago, they will not appear on the list.

How do I invite people to follow me?

On the Follower tab, select the Followers card, click + to send an email invitation

How do I block people from following me?

From the Follower tab, select the person from your Followers list and click the block icon. Alternatively, you can block someone via your Blocked People settings to prevent them from being matched with you in the first place.

Can I automatically follow someone who has followed me?

No, for your flexibility, we simply show that person in the list of suggested people you can follow, if you wish.

How can I get or stop email notifications of rides posted by my followers?

Rides are automatically posted on your Dashboard, you can optionally have them sent to you by email as well: Click on your name, select Notifications and then select or unselect the Rides by people you follow option as required.