TwoGo by SAP™

Terms of Use for the Enterprise Version

Last updated on March 20, 2015

PLEASE READ THESE CONDITIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU USE TwoGo by SAP (“TwoGo” or the “Service”). When you use TwoGo, you consent to these terms of use (Terms of Use). If you do not consent to the Terms of Use, do not use TwoGo. In these Terms of Use, “TwoGo by SAP” or the “Service” refers to the TwoGo application that can be accessed via a web client, a mobile client, or other clients and access methods that we make available. SAP is the organization that made an agreement with your company to allow you to use the enterprise version of TwoGo by SAP for a given period of time. The term “your company” refers to your employer or customer.

Scope of Service

SAP developed TwoGo by SAP to offer a technical platform to bring you and other registered users (“Users”) together, to communicate with each other and to find suitable partners for shared rides. Any separate agreements between Users regarding the use of TwoGo by SAP, for example, actually performing a shared ride, are effective without the involvement of SAP and are at the sole discretion and own risk of the relevant user. SAP is not responsible for the realization of such agreements. SAP does not check the driver, insurance, or status of a driver’s license. If you use TwoGo by SAP as a driver, you declare that you hold a valid driver’s license and the vehicle that you use is properly insured, equipped, and registered.

User Information

You are solely responsible for providing us with complete and correct user information, and making sure this is always up to date. Your personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the privacy statement.

Functions of Third Parties

Your use of TwoGo includes the use of geographical services of the service provider HERE. When organizing the desired shared rides, the map data is used to display the routes. The use of the service provided by HERE is subject to the conditions published at:

Optional Services

SMS Messages If desired and offered, text messages with information regarding your ride intents and suitable ride intents of other Users are provided as an additional, optional function.

Push Notifications SAP uses the Google Cloud Messaging service (“Google Service”) as part of the TwoGo mobile application for Android devices to send optional push notifications. By using the Google Service, you agree to the terms of use listed at and to the guidelines for the fair use of Google Apps at

Changes to These Terms of Use

We may change these Terms of Use at our own discretion at any time. If we change these Terms of Use, we will publish the changed conditions on the TwoGo website and inform you of the relevant change. If you continue to use the Service after this notification, you confirm that you acknowledge the changed Terms of Use and that you will comply with these – if this is not the case, please stop using the Service and delete your user account.

If at any point you do not accept these Terms of Use, for example, after receiving a notification of changes to these Terms of Use, you are no longer entitled to use this Service. On receipt of a written rejection of the Terms of Use or changes to these Terms of Use, we will lock your account.