TwoGo Integration for Concur

If your employer allows it, you can now connect TwoGo to your Concur account so that you can create and receive ridesharing opportunities with other users in Concur. For example, instead of taking a taxi to the airport alone, you can share a ride to the airport with someone who has a flight at a similar time to you. This not only saves you and your company money, it is also a great way to meet potential new business contacts, or even friends. For the environmentally conscious, ridesharing provides the additional benefit of reducing your carbon footprint.

There are several simple ways to integrate TwoGo, all of which are explained in this brief guide.

Getting Started with the TwoGo Integration

Connecting TwoGo to Your Concur Account

Once your employer has purchased the TwoGo integration, connecting TwoGo to your Concur account is very simple. First, create a TwoGo account if you do not already have one. You then have the following options:

  • In TwoGo, go to the Settings section, select the Concur option, and follow the instructions.
  • Go to the Concur App Center and search for TwoGo. Under Connections, select the TwoGo option. Click Log in to Connect, log in, and then follow the instructions.

Alternatively, if your employer has enabled this option, TwoGo will automatically send you an invite if it finds a matching ride for your travel plan:

  1. Create a travel plan in Concur as you normally would.
  2. TwoGo will automatically search for a matching TwoGo account:
    • If TwoGo has a registered email address that matches your Concur email address, and TwoGo has found a shared ride for your trip, you will receive an email inviting you to connect your accounts.
    • If TwoGo cannot find a matching email address, but has found a shared ride for you, you will receive an email prompting you to click a link to create and connect a new TwoGo account. If you already have a TwoGo account that is under a different email address, you can also connect this instead.
  3. Note: You will only receive this email if your employer has enabled this feature. Otherwise, you need to connect your TwoGo account manually as described above.

Opting Out of the TwoGo Integration

If you do not like the TwoGo integration, you can disconnect your accounts at any time from the Settings section of TwoGo.

Finding Ridesharing Opportunities with the TwoGo Integration

Once you have connected your TwoGo account to Concur, you can begin to find ridesharing opportunities. Currently, the integration supports trips between the following locations: Note: The locations HOME and WORK refer to the home and work addresses that you specified in TwoGo. For more information, see the Quick Guide for TwoGo. The locations of the airport, hotel, and railway station are derived from your Concur itinerary.

  • HOME and the airport
  • WORK and the airport
  • HOME and the hotel
  • WORK and the hotel
  • The airport and the hotel
  • HOME and the railway station
  • WORK and the railway station
  • The railway station and the hotel
  • The railway station and the airport

To find ridesharing opportunities for any of these parts of your journey, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a travel plan in Concur as you normally would, booking flights, trains, hotels, and so on. TwoGo will automatically search for compatible ride intents from other users.
  2. If a match is found, TwoGo will send you an email containing a link for creating a ride intent. When you click the link, TwoGo opens and the details of your ride are automatically entered based on the proposed match.
  3. Save the proposed ride intent.
  4. Users with compatible trips are prompted to do the same, and you will be matched automatically as passengers or drivers depending on the options you selected.
  5. Your Concur itinerary is updated to contain information about your shared ride. For example, the itinerary section for this leg of your journey will now inform you that you will be picked up by the user John Smith in an Uber.

Additional Information About Matching

TwoGo considers many different factors when matching users for shared rides. Understanding how the matching system works may help you with planning trips so that you are more likely to find a match. Currently the following factors affect who you will be matched with:

  • Rides created based on your Concur itinerary are automatically considered to be business trips.
  • You can be matched with both Concur users who have the TwoGo integration and users who only use TwoGo. However, as all Concur-based trips are business trips, you can only be matched with users belonging to your company.
  • If you have already booked a taxi or rental car, TwoGo will only pair you with potential passengers.
  • You will only be matched with rides to the airport that arrive at least 1.5 hours before your flight departure time.
  • You will only be matched with rides that start and end within a 5 km radius of your ride intent's start and end location.

Making Changes to Your Shared Ride

You can change or delete legs of your journey in Concur just as you normally would. However, if you have agreed to a shared ride using the TwoGo integration, you need to reflect these changes manually in TwoGo:

  1. Make the required changes to your itinerary in Concur.
  2. Open TwoGo and manually update your ride intent to reflect these changes:
    • If you only made changes to the trip in Concur, for example, changing the departure time, open TwoGo and make the same changes to your ride intent.
    • If you deleted the trip entirely in Concur, open TwoGo and delete your ride intent as well.
  3. TwoGo automatically sends and email to any users that you were matched with. They can then accept the changes or reject them and TwoGo will attempt to find them a new match.