How do I find and label a location and why is this important?

Location short names in TwoGo are used as aliases for full-length addresses and were devised for your convenience and to ensure addresses are entered correctly when you use a calendar application.

The space in the Location field in the meeting request is limited and repeatedly entering complete addresses is time-consuming and error-prone. For that reason you must set up favorite locations in your profile for the addresses you use most often. In the meeting request you then only need to state the short names for the relevant locations as the departure and destination points. TwoGo then works out the address that you have stored for the relevant short name and matches a driver/passenger for you for that calculated route.

Note: The actual short name (for example, "HOME") will not be displayed to the other person when your ride intent is matched. Only the address associated with that short name will be shown.

To create a favorite location:

  1. Web: Select Saved Locations then on the Create a favorite location card, enter the city, zip code, street name and number of the location. Select the full address from the list of suggestions that TwoGo displays. In the Short name field, enter an abbreviated, meaningful name for the location. In the Meeting point field, enter a short helpful note to specify the exact place to meet your ride partners at this location, then click Create. The new location is now available as a new card with the specified short name in your set of saved locations.
  2. Mobile: Select Locations and tap [+], enter the address details as described above, then tap Create.

How do I create a location that isn't recognized by the system?

As there are some addresses that are not recognized by the navigation system that TwoGo uses, you have the opportunity in the Web application to indicate the exact address yourself by marking it on a map.

On the Create a favorite location card, in the Address field, enter as much detail as you have, then press Enter to use the address as you have typed it.
TwoGo drops a pin on the map to broadly indicate the address you entered. Drag the pin to the position that you consider correct. TwoGo sets the pin at the closest navigable street to the one you indicated and updates the Address field.
To correct or enhance the address for the new pin position, hover your mouse over the pin and click Yes in the Is our map data wrong? callout. TwoGo automatically restores the address you originally typed in the Address field.

TwoGo stores the exact address as you entered it, together with the actual co-ordinates of the marker on the map. These are the details that other users will see in their meeting requests when they are matched to a ride containing this location.

Why can't TwoGo find my city/street?

For your driver to find you or you to find your passengers, a full address complete with house number is required. If your address is still not found even with the house number, please contact so we can forward it to our map provider.

How do I create ride intents without using a location short name?

You have to specify the full address if you do not use location short names. On the New ride card (Web) or New Ride screen (mobile), set the time and location details for the ride intent. Enter the city, zip code, street name and number of the origin and destination locations and then select the full addresses from the list of suggestions that TwoGo displays. Click (or tap) Create.

TwoGo adds your new ride intent as a new card on the Dashboard (Web) or a new entry in your list of My Rides (mobile).

Why does the map view show Berlin as a starting point?

Our map provider initializes the map in Berlin. Therefore, before you enter an address, the initial view displayed is Berlin.