Quick Guide - Ride Timetables

To encourage user participation at your site, TwoGo provides an interactive rides timetable showing lists of upcoming shared rides departing and arriving within a specifiable radius of a given site location. Users can then click on any ride to open TwoGo and create a ride intent. TwoGo will try to match with the most relevant available ride, but depending on availability and the user's specific criteria this ride may not be the one they clicked on from the timetable.


Viewing the timetable URLs

For each of your sites and their pre-defined locations, you can view the automatically generated timetable in the Timetable Links section on the Site Details and Site Location Details' pages respectively.

Choosing the right URL for the timetable you want to display

Copy the URL that best suits your display requirements:

  1. Portal: Destinations and departures are listed on separate tabs. This view is suitable for your intranet page. Users can choose the required tab and consult the ride information. When a user clicks a location, the TwoGo application opens. Once the user has entered their credentials, a blank ride creation card is displayed.
  2. Kiosk: Destinations and departures are listed next to each other. This view is best displayed on screens where users do not interact with the timetable.