Quick Guide - Gamification

To encourage wider adoption of TwoGo on the sites you are responsible for, you can use the Gamification tab to set up games in which specific user activity in TwoGo earns points and prizes.


In a TwoGo lottery, the ride intents created during a certain time period are eligible for a prize.

Chance Distribution

Ride intents are classified according to the role the user specified, that is, driver, passenger, or either. As a site administrator, you use the sliders in the Chance Distribution section to determine the weighting to give each of these roles. This in turn determines the chances that each role has of winning.

Increasing the chances for one role automatically reduces the chances for the other two. The system then feeds these weighted ride intents into the randomizer from which you draw the number of winners you require.


An example scenario might be to draw a lottery for Site A, taking into account all ride intents from the last two weeks, generating three winners, with drivers having double the chances of winning.


Drawing lottery winners

  1. On the Gamification screen, open the Lottery tab.
  2. Set the weighting for the ride intents using the sliders in the Chance Distribution section.
  3. In the Draw section, use the slider to set the number of winners you want the system to generate.
  4. Select the site for which you want to draw the lottery.
  5. Set the time frame of past ride intents to include in the lottery.
  6. Click Start Lottery.