Getting Started as a TwoGo Site Administrator

Use the TwoGo Administration interface to easily manage key aspects of the sites you are responsible for.

Restrictions in DSO-compliant mode

NOTE: The following features are not available if you are running TwoGo Administrator in DSO-compliant mode:

  1. Managing users at your site
  2. Creating other site administrators

Set the display language for the TwoGo Administration interface

From the language list in the upper right corner of the screen, select the language in which you want to use the application.

Manage site administrators

You can view the list of current site administrators, assign new administrators, and revoke administration rights from existing ones.

Manage pre-defined locations for your site

You can create, modify or delete site-specific pre-defined to avoid your site users having to type in complete addresses each time they create a ride intent.

Manage users

You can delete users who are no longer at your site, block users who abuse the system, change email addresses for specific users, and resend verification details.

Manage registration tokens

You can create tokens to enable prospective users whose email addresses are not bound to your company to register with TwoGo.

Schedule and distribute reports

You can schedule daily license plate reports of vehicles participating in shared rides, specify the recipients, and also download statistics on TwoGo usage.

Set up games to encourage user participation

You can encourage wider adoption of TwoGo on your sites by setting up games (for example, lotteries) in which specific user activity in TwoGo earns points and prizes.

Manage site details

You can restrict users at a given site to being matched only with ride intents offered within your company, change the site address, view the terms of use, and specify the support contacts.

Manage communications

You can set up and manage news campaigns to notify users at your sites of new features in TwoGo, special campaigns, lotteries, changes to the preferred parking policy, and so on.

Display timetables of upcoming rides around your site

To encourage user participation at your site, TwoGo provides an interactive rides timetable showing lists of upcoming shared rides departing and arriving within a specifiable radius of a given site location. Users can then click on any ride to open TwoGo and create a ride intent. TwoGo will try to match with the most relevant available ride, but depending on availability and the user's specific criteria this ride may not be the one they clicked on from the timetable.

For each of your sites and their pre-defined locations, you can view the automatically generated timetable in the Timetable Links section on the Site Details and Site Location Details' pages respectively.

Manage a fleet of pool cars

You can create and manage a fleet of pool cars that are available for users to borrow from specified sites.