Security guidelines

With TwoGo you can organize a car pool with just a few clicks on your computer or smartphone and actively participate in the TwoGo community. In order to be able to use the service optimally, we have put together some tips for the safe use of TwoGo.

Your contribution to the safe use of TwoGo

Use of strong passwords

  • Please choose a strong password that is unique to this account and has no reference to any personal information.
  • You can use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols up to 50 characters long. Be creative and use a unique password. Here are a few examples of how you can put your password together:
    • Choose a random word or phrase and replace individual letters with numbers and symbols: "Th @ Nksg! V1nG"
    • Choose a sentence that means something to you. Use the first letters and replace the remaining characters with numbers, symbols and letters in upper and lower case: For example, “My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” becomes B. "ML81HP & dKDs".
    • Use a password that is related to your favorite sport: For example, "I'm training for the New York Marathon" becomes "I'm training for the New York Marathon". B. "I @ t4dNYM".
Use an email account that only you can access

  • The email address you use to register with TwoGo is your unique ID. We will check the ownership of the account via your email address. We will also send personal information about you or other members participating in the same car pool to your email address.
Confidentiality of the login data

  • Do not reveal your email address or password under any circumstances.
  • Your password is hashed so it cannot be seen by anyone (including us).
  • If you think your password is no longer secure, sign in to your account and immediately reset your password.
Sign out after completing all operations

  • If you have completed all the desired tasks in TwoGo and are no longer actively using the program, log off. You will still receive relevant notifications and updates about your journeys via email or SMS (if you have selected the appropriate option and verified your phone number).
  • It is especially important to log out properly if you share a computer. In this case, do not use the “Stay signed in” feature (if available at your location).
Device security

  • Restrict access to your computer or mobile phone.
  • Lock device or screen: When you are finished using your computer or phone, lock the screen with a password or PIN. For an additional level of security, you should configure your device so that it is automatically locked when it goes into standby mode.

What you can do to travel safely with TwoGo

The security of your person is just as important as the security of your data and devices when using TwoGo.

Selection of safe and convenient pick-up and drop-off points

  • For your personal safety, choose pick-up and drop-off points in public places that are well-lit at night, provide shelter in bad weather, and are not in remote areas.
  • Make sure that the pick-up and drop-off points are safe and easily accessible for the driver.
If you'd rather not include your home address, use an alternative.

  • TwoGo creates a standard location called HOME based on the address you entered when you registered. If you'd rather not give your real home address, choose a safe public place nearby, such as B. a bus stop or an intersection.

What TwoGo does for the security of your data

Of course, the connection to the TwoGo service is encrypted to protect the entire interaction with TwoGo from prying eyes. The string “https” preceding the TwoGo web address indicates that your connection is encrypted and that you are securely connected.

We at TwoGo respect your privacy. You can find further information on data protection in the TwoGo data protection declaration.


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