A place is usually defined by a complete address and the abbreviation assigned to it. However, if the system cannot correctly identify your address, you can still save it along with a card reference. With TwoGo you can use saved locations to avoid having to re-enter the full address every time you create a journey.

Location HOME

When you register with TwoGo, the address you entered as your home address will automatically be converted into a place with the abbreviation HOME. This means that you can quickly and easily use this address in your travel needs. NOTE: You cannot delete or rename the HOME location, but you can change the associated address.

Place WORK

If you regularly drive to a certain address, define this as a location and assign it to e.g. B. the special abbreviation WORK. This designation identifies the location in the TwoGo system as part of your regular commute and enables you to reuse it to quickly create journeys for your commute between HOME and WORK.

Advantages of creating a place with the abbreviation WORK:

Use locations when creating trip requests using your calendar

In order to create a trip request via your calendar, you must first define or create the locations for your start and destination addresses in the TwoGo web application. In the calendar you always work with the abbreviations of the places.

Location types

The locations are listed on the Saved locations screen and are classified as follows:


Create places

  • Select Saved Places.
  • On the Create a Preferred Location card, enter as much of the address as possible (city, zip code, street name and house number).
  • Select the desired address from the list of suggestions. If you don't see a matching address, press Enter to use the address you entered in the Address field. TwoGo places a pushpin on the map to roughly mark the entered address.
  • Drag the pushpin to the exact spot if necessary. When you move the pushpin, TwoGo updates the Address field.
  • If the system cannot correctly identify your address, you can set it manually:
    • Hold the mouse pointer on the pushpin and click in the Are our card details incorrect? on yes.
    • Enter the exact address you want in the Address field.
    • Click on to assign the address just entered to the positioned on the map.
    • Select the address you entered from the updated list of suggestions. TwoGo places the thumbtack on the closest drivable road to this point.
  • Enter a meaningful short description for the entered address in the Short description field.
  • (Optional) Enter a meaningful description in the Meeting point field to precisely describe the meeting point for the passengers. For example “meeting point next to the mailbox at the security gate”.
  • Choose Create. TwoGo adds your new location as a new map. You can use the scroll buttons to navigate your saved locations.
Change places

You can only edit the locations that you have created yourself. They are listed as preferred locations.

  • Select Saved Places, use the navigation buttons to scroll to the place you want to change, then click user.quickguide.edit.png .
  • Make the desired changes to the address, the meeting point or the short name and then select Save. Any changes you make in your preferred locations will be applied to all future travel requests. However, they are not applied retrospectively.
Find places

You can search for a specific or an arbitrary location that you would like to use in your travel preferences:

  • Select the New ride tab in the overview.
  • In the From and To fields, enter the first few letters of a place or address that you want to use for your journey, and then select the exact place from the list of suggestions. TwoGo shows the address on the map.
Delete places

NOTE: Predefined locations and the locations labeled HOME or WORK cannot be deleted.

  • Select Saved Places, use the navigation buttons to scroll to the place you want to delete, then click user.quickguide.trashcan.png .


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