First steps with TwoGo

After registering with TwoGo, getting started is quick and easy. Set up your travel options and create your travel preferences - TwoGo will then look for carpooling opportunities for you.

Set up trip options

In order to make it easier for you to create trip requests and to increase the probability that the hits found by TwoGo actually meet your requirements, we recommend that you set up your trip settings first . If you create locations for start and end points for regular trips, you will also save time.

Define travel settings

Under your name at the top of the picture, you can use the Settings for the trip and Blocked people tabs to define default settings for all the trip requests that you create:

  • Settings for the trip: Determine whether you want to be taken into account as a passenger or a driver as well as your travel-related settings and with which groups of TwoGo users you want to drive.
    • Roles: The role of driver / passenger offers you the option of being placed either as a passenger or as a driver. If you select the role of driver or driver / passenger, you can then specify the detour and settings for possible suggestions in order to make your journey as comfortable as possible.
    • Maximum detour: In order to avoid long detours as a driver when picking up or dropping off passengers, you can state how many minutes you would take as a detour. The minimum allowed is 3 minutes, the maximum is 99 and the default is 8. If TwoGo suggests several carpooling options, you will of course be offered the option with the smallest detour.
    • Settings for possible suggestions: These settings allow you to find a suitable compromise between the largest possible number of hits and the restriction on the number, length and location of the stops that they are ready for Inserting passengers on your route represents.
  • Blocked people: Specify who you do not want to drive with.
Set preferred locations

On the Saved locations screen, you can select or create locations for the start and end points of your journeys, so that you do not have to enter addresses in full each time you create a journey request.

Create and manage travel requests

In order to take part in a ride, you must first create a trip request in order to define the time, location, route and trip settings for your trip. Alternatively, you can also search for existing trips and take part in them (if available). You can manage your travel preferences either in the web application, via the mobile apps or your calendar application.

Access to your journeys via the overview

Your upcoming trips are displayed in the overview. It also offers the option of quickly creating a journey request.

Search for and participate in existing trips

To take part in an existing trip, use the search function, where you can enter the time and place of the trip that you want to take part in.

Alternatives for trips for which no hits were found

If TwoGo does not find a match for your desired journey, you will be given the opportunity to select a suggestion for an alternative journey (if available) if you are ready to accept minor changes to your original journey. You can also view alternatives for local public transport and corporate shuttle services (if available).

You can see upcoming journeys at a glance on the journey schedule

TwoGo offers an interactive trip schedule that lists lists of upcoming carpooling opportunities that arrive and depart within a certain radius of your location. You can click on any trip to open TwoGo and create a trip request. TwoGo then searches for the most suitable ride. However, depending on availability and your respective criteria, it may be that this is not the trip that you clicked on in the schedule.

Follow other users and publish rides in your community

Following someone means you can see the rides that person posts for their followers. You will receive a notification and have the opportunity to ride. Published trips are shown directly in your overview, and if you have activated the corresponding option under Notifications, you will also receive a notification by email. So you have the opportunity to take part in a ride that interests you by simply clicking on the option to join. On the Followers tab, you can use the Following list to set who you want to follow. NOTE: The following function is not reciprocal. You can't post for people unless they are following you too.

For more information, see "Frequently Asked Questions" - > "Questions about Followers and Following" - > "How do I know who is following me?"

Manage user account

You can make the following settings at any time in your user account via the Settings tab or under your name in the picture above:

Participate and collect points

At TwoGo there is a points system with virtual rewards that you receive every time you use the application as either a driver or a passenger. You will automatically receive points when creating travel requests and participating in car pools. So the more active you are at TwoGo, the more points you get.

Reduce CO2 emissions

TwoGo calculates how much CO2 you have saved by carpooling. Depending on your user settings, this information is displayed in your profile next to your points and total miles or kilometers. This gives you an insight into what contribution you are personally making to environmental protection by using TwoGo.

Always on the safe side

Follow our safety guidelines so as not to endanger your online safety and your safety as a driver or passenger.


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