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Corporate ridesharing made easy

Do you want to do something good for your employees, your company, and the environment? With TwoGo you reduce the costs for gas, maintenance, and the infrastructure of vehicle fleets and employee cars, as well as travel expenses. By using the carpooling solution, you reduce traffic and thus greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time, you ensure there is less traffic and save parking space. Actively involve your employees in your sustainability strategy with TwoGo and facilitate their ability to share information with each other and their satisfaction. At the same time, reinforce your capacity for innovation and your own brand image. Your attractiveness as an employer can be increased significantly by TwoGo.

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Added value for your company through TwoGo

Save and optimize parking spaces
Reduce overall traffic volume
Protect the environment and contribute to the reduction of CO₂
Increase the attractiveness of the company’s location
Reinforce corporate social responsibility
Promote networking of employees amongst themselves

TwoGo services for your business

The TwoGo Apps and web application can be furnished with your individual logo. It allows you to graphically demonstrate to your employees that you support the solution. The web and App interfaces can be adapted to your company colors.

TwoGo can be used really easily with the email calendar at your workplace (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Blackberry). Ride requests are sent as appointment requests, just like your meetings, and they can be moved flexibly. TwoGo takes care of the data management in the background and always keeps you up-to-date.

TwoGo can make a ride schedule board available as well as a map with a presentation of the upcoming trip routes and times. You can use this to show your colleagues and employees which routes are available in the system at the moment. We deliver this map and schedule board as a link, which you can either add as a widget on your intranet site or other sites.

With the TwoGo administration tool, you can carry out employee campaigns, lotteries, or prize competitions, and can design and send suitable user messages for them.

TwoGo supports you when organizing your company’s events. Generic ride requests can be created ahead of time in TwoGo for event participants. They can be provided by a link, for example, on your event’s homepage. This way, you can increase the available number of rides to the event location in the system and can improve the chances of placements.

TwoGo enables you to create sustainability reports. With the help of the TwoGo administration tool (web-based), the system allows you to evaluate all relevant user and ride information anonymously. This way, you can measure the success of the carpooling solution in your business and can undertake adjustments to your implementation if necessary.

The TwoGo team gives you advice on the topic of business mobility management (BMM) and offers onboarding as well as training for the carpooling solution. Upon request, the TwoGo team also creates individual concepts and campaigns for you and gives advice on using mobility solutions to local businesses in your area.

TwoGo can incorporate your existing pool cars and make them available for carpools. You can manage everything comfortably using the administration tool. It is also generally possible to connect it to your travel management system.
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Our user-friendly ride-sharing solutions for

Use TwoGo as a rideshare app and carpooling website

TwoGo for companies is integrated across different platforms and can be used on any device. Use TwoGo from any computer by going to Moreover, you can use all of TwoGo’s functions comfortably via the carpool app while on the go with your own smartphone; the system supports native and free applications for iOS and android. Upon request, TwoGo can also send a text message for every ride confirmation. This way, even people who are using older cell phones can still be informed about their TwoGo rides.