The smart carpooling solution for rideshares in communities and towns
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Commute sustainably with TwoGo

Are you willing to make an ongoing contribution to protecting the environment at the local level? You can considerably reduce the number of individual motorized vehicles on the road and the negative effects of traffic on the environment. The goal is to create a regional network of mobility options that enables a communicative and cost-effective way to travel between home and work, especially in areas where public transport is inadequate.

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Added value for your community through TwoGo

Save and optimize parking spaces
Reduce individual motorized vehicles on the road
Increase the quality of life of residents
Protect the environment and contribute to the reduction of CO₂
Improve the attractiveness of the community as a residential area
Promote networking of residents amongst themselves
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TwoGo services for your community

The TwoGo Apps and web application can be furnished with your individual logo. It allows you to graphically demonstrate to your employees that you support the solution. The web and App interfaces can be adapted to your company colors.

TwoGo supports you when organizing your events. Generic ride requests can be created ahead of time in TwoGo for event participants. They can be provided by a link, for example, on your event’s homepage. This way, you can increase the available number of rides to the event location in the system and can improve the chances of placements.

The TwoGo team gives you comprehensive advice on the topic of carpooling and supports your local marketing initiatives, for instance in the form of campaigns. Upon request, the TwoGo team can also create individual concepts for you and give advice on mobility solutions to local businesses in your area.
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Our user-friendly ride-sharing solutions for

Use TwoGo as a rideshare app and carpooling website

TwoGo for communities is integrated across different platforms and can be used on any device. Use TwoGo from any computer by going to Moreover, you can use all of TwoGo’s functions comfortably via the carpool app while on the go with your own smartphone; the system supports native and free applications for iOS and android. Upon request, TwoGo can also send a text message for every ride confirmation. This way, even people who are using older cell phones can still be informed about their TwoGo rides.