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German Sustainability Award Design 2022

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The smart carpooling service

Ride along now instead of driving yourself: twogo is the cloud-based mobility platform for commuters


The flexible carpooling service

Mobile together at any time: twogo is the cloud-based mobility platform for cities and communities


The reliable carpool

Mobility as a service for your next event: twogo is the cloud-based mobility solution for event organizers

Event managers
German Sustainability Award Design 2022


Save money every day by carpooling and protect the climate

Full parking lots, high fueling costs and tons of exhaust fumes: Driving a car can be exhausting. Commuting together with twogo is the perfect alternative. Whether commuting to work, the city or events: We arrange carpooling automatically, efficiently and precisely. This isn’t just good for the climate, but also for the wallet. Flexible mobility through twogo – in line with the motto: Those who love driving, drive together.

Carpooling pays off!

The most important advantages of the twogo carpooling service at a glance.

Save money

Sustainable mobility that pays off for everyone: With the twogo carpooling service, drivers and passengers alike save money. Travel costs are simply shared.

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Promoting sustainability and climate protection

Environmental protection starts on the way to work or into town. Carpooling saves CO2 emissions and ensures less traffic on the roads – and thus a better climate.

Relieve infrastructure and save parking spaces

Full parking lots and traffic jams at rush hour not only take away time, they also cause stress. Carpools provide more room on the road – and on your calendar.

Connecting commuters with each other

Together instead of alone: twogo brings together drivers and passengers who share a similar path. Because commuting as a company simply feels better – and strengthens togetherness.

Who can benefit from twogo?

twogo is the smart carpooling service for everyone who wants to rethink mobility. Our mobility platform is specially tailored to the needs of commuters and business travelers. twogo finds the perfect carpooling service for every day – automatically, efficiently and precisely.

Already satisfied customers

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All info at a glance

Would you like to learn more about twogo? We have clearly summarized the most important information about the twogo carpooling service for you.

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